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Hey Girl, 

I was very young when I found out I love the art of domesticity. Some people mistakenly think that just means keeping a house. Really, though, the art of domesticity is about creating a home where people love to gather. It includes cooking for the unexpected guest or hosting an impromptu dinner party for 12.

I believe that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that controls the world. My passion for children comes from this belief.  But the heart of a fiery feminist which also resides in me has sometimes caused these passions to clash. Nevertheless, I have grown to see that being a feminist is about finding your own inner goddess, domestic or otherwise. I want to help you find your goddess and give her strength, through self-care, food for the soul, style inspiration, and uplifting content!


Want to know even more about me? Okay, if you’re going to make me talk about myself….

Here are the main things you should know:

  1. I love modern food

  2. I love to wander

  3. I am always overdressed, unless I’m working, in which case I look like a garbage person

  4. I am obsessed with my plants

I was born in Boston and will always claim that it is my real hometown, but I grew up amongst the good Midwestern people of Indiana, in a small town that could practically fit in an envelope with a 49 cent stamp. Growing up in a small town never seemed to define who I am. I believe it's because of my parents—my progressive mother and father who have style and taste played the most active role in shaping who I am. I was never told I couldn’t be who I wanted, go where I pleased, or believe what my heart was leading me. Being a girl had no place in determining what I could be. I was encouraged to be simply one thing, and that was me. Monica Rose Gilraine (yes, that is the first name I ever loved! Now I am Monica Rose Grant).


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I had one dream. Simply to be happy. I thought that would include being a woman living in a high-rise and yielding lots of power. But in growing older, I found myself drawn to things that seemed more straightforward: cooking, gardening, teaching children, and creating spaces and gatherings where people felt welcomed and cared for. So when I got my first nanny job, it was as though a sense of peace had come over my wandering heart. I had found my small place on this big earth.

Then I got married—to the crazy guy who was initially of no interest to me—at tender the age of 19. Yes, I got married while I was still a teenager, I was one of “those” girls. That was never something that was in my plans, but something happened, and that something is someone called God. You know him? Well then you know he can be a hard guy to avoid, and when you decide that you trust him, crazy things happen! Like falling in love, getting married, moving to Chicago, putting my husband through college, and becoming a full-on Domestic Goddess.

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