I Did A 3 Day Juice Cleanse | Here’s what happened

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Having friends that are equally as adventurous is a key to having more crazy experiences. With that being said I will tell you all the deets of my three-day juice cleanse!

It all started when my friend said she was going to do a juice cleanse the second week of January and of course that was enough bate to get me to bite! We planned the days we were going to juice, and I even wrangled Isaiah into it! We decided to go with City Press Juice, its local to Chicago and having a few friends that had already used them we felt comfortable shelling out the dough (a lot of money)  to them! They use only organic and raw products, and every bottle has 4 lbs in each bottle! We each got two days, then we all shared one day of just a juice cleanse. Overall we each had 5-6 juices to drink per day!

how to do a cleanse

Day 1

I started an early day at work and didn't have the juices till 9:30 am, after picking up the juices I quickly rushed them into the fridge and then went about the morning, and I didn't start my first juice till 12 pm (That was mistake #1). While finishing my day at work I only had two juices, it was my first day, and I felt great! I was refreshed and had energy, so I decided that going to yoga sculpt was entirely in the cards (mistake #2)! I rushed to the gym and waited for class to start and then went about my usual routine of setting up my spot, grabbing my mat, towels, and weights. One thing about working out in the new year that I don't like is that the gym is always packed, and this class was no different, the room was full, and you had to be careful not to brush against one of the 30ish people in the class. If you haven't tried a yoga sculpt class, you are missing out! It is probably one of my favorite classes you mix cardio, weightlifting and yoga; it's a complete body workout! So I start out feeling awesome, doing every move to its fullest and then about 20 minutes into the hour-long class I started feeling weak, then I noticed I couldn't hear the teacher or the music. My ears were ringing, and my eyes were closing. So I put my weights down and decide the best move is to modify the exercises (mistake #3!!). Instead of honoring my body I just kept trying to do the class and all of a sudden I felt urgently sick and I realized I had to get out NOW! So I stumbled out of class, leaving my mat and all my supplies and if you didn't know that is a major faux pas in yoga. So I sit in the lobby of the gym with my ears ringing and my bare feet just desperately trying to just stay conscious. After 10 minutes of waiting I decide, I can walk home in my delirious state, but before I leave I, of course, think its the best idea to leave my favorite teacher an incoherent note apologizing for leaving! The note went something along the lines of “dear Krieg sorry I am juicing and leaving mat in class and thought I could yoga see you Thursday” and that my friends are why you never give someone who resembles a very intoxicated person a pen and paper! I spent the rest of the night drinking lemon water and coconut water on the couch and watching Gilmore Girls.

Day 2

I learned from my mistakes, drink all the juices for the day and take it EASY! So I woke up and started with a full bottle of water in my system so I can detox adequately. I take forever to drink anything, so throughout the whole day, I always had a juice in my hand. It is tough to consume that much liquid! Throughout my entire work day, I felt refreshed, clean and a little glowy. What I mean by glowy is that from my inside to my outside felt nourished. I was by no means “Full,” but I realized I didn't need to be full because I felt a pleasant satisfaction instead of an almost uncomfortable fullness. My second day of juicing went beautifully, in my opinion. I felt great the whole day and went to bed in an excellent mood!  


Isaiah insists that I add this little tidbit. We went to Costco on the evening of day 2, and I am embarrassed to admit, but after checkout and we walked past the food court, and I have to be truthful. I begged for a food court hot dog, i mean flat out begged! I didn't care that I had been a vegetarian for a few months and that I would ruin the whole cleanse. Almost got on my knees. But thank goodness Isaiah is stronger than me, and he kept me from the$1.50 Costco hotdog.

Day 3

So day 3 started the same as day 2, full bottle of water and sipping a bottle of juice all day. But after a morning of cleaning and running errands, I became very very hungry, a little grumpy and super tired. I am so glad that I didn't work on day three because I would have hated to have that attitude around the kids. But I did have someone to push around in my hungry, grumpy and exhausted state. That's right Isaiah got the brunt of my hangryness, poor guy. We both became a little irrational that day and finally decided that the best thing was to retreat to other ends of the house and touch base way, way later! At this point, I have no idea how people make all their own juice if I didn't have all the juices pre-made and ready at any time I don't think I would have stuck to it.  We did have bible study that night, and we decided that if we were going to see anyone that day, it should be our small group! Lol because they have to love us like Jesus, Sorry guys! After small group, we both went home to sit on the couch dreaming of the next day when we would eat solid food!

juice celanse

Overall summary-
I felt pretty crummy during the cleanse, maybe because I used all my energy on the first day. I went down 5 pounds, but right after I ate on day 4, I was my average weight. So let's do some pros and cons!


  • Great tasting juice

  • Some signs of cleansing

  • New respect for solid food

  • Better understanding of what my body needs

  • Your body truly gets everything out!

  • Setting yourself up for a healthier weight-loss journey


  • Cost so much money!

  • Mood swings

  • No actual weight loss

  • No working out

  • Have to pee seriously every 15 minutes

  • Did I mention the money?

Take away-   My primary takeaway if you don't have to feel full to be satisfied. Now I stop eating even when I feel hungry; I let my food settle and then decide if I should eat more or just drink water. Would I cleanse again? Yes, I think so, maybe I will have a different outcome or learn something new.

Make sure whatever juicery you go with that they only use the best products available; I think that's absolutely vital. Make sure you have no plans for the days you are juicing, and I highly advise you do it with a friend!

how to do a cleanse
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