This is Covey | I am back

On some steps in Venice, pretending that the heat isn’t killing me.

On some steps in Venice, pretending that the heat isn’t killing me.

You might have noticed that for months I have been absent and my blog Monica Rose Grant was left alone in the cold. That wasn’t how I planned it but in July 2018 I went to Europe for a month. That had me a little busy, but 2 days after I arrived back in the US safe, sound and kissed by the Italian sun my husband and I got in a fender bender. Something we thought was no big deal. But is seems it has now changed our lives forever. Then just a few short months after that we had another life-changing experience. We had an ectopic pregnancy ending with an emergency surgery. So now here I am. A few more headaches, lots of neck spasms, lingering pain and 4 little scars that will always be with me as a reminder of a season of trials and of growth.

For the past 6 months I have been taking a break from what feels like everything to focus on healing my body and soul. But that doesn't mean my blog hasn't been on my mind continually. I keep thinking and rethinking of all the reasons why I started this and what I even want this space to be. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really want it to be a collection of things I love. Things like food, healthy living, style, feelings and travel. I want to share with you what I am feeling even when it doesn't have a brand or perfectly polished pictures. And let's be honest, even when it has far from perfect grammar. I want this place to be my Covey.

So what the heck is a “covey”? The definition of covey is simple. It’s a small group of people or things.

Isn't that what life is? Different collections of people and things that we love? Our homes are just places where we gather with people we love surrounded by things that bring us joy. I am going to share that life with you and hopefully, you can share yours with me. Here is a list of what you're gonna see-

  • Lots and lots of food

  • Opening up on marriage and life

  • Healthy living

  • Personal style and home style

  • Gatherings

There will probably be posts filled with more things that I can’t even think to list because I haven’t thought of them yet. No matter what, I am going to put my whole self into this and stop caring if it's not what everyone else is doing or if no one else likes it. You can only do that for so long.

So take a look around, because this is the new blog.

This is Covey, Just a gathering of small things I love and a glimpse of the big life that contains them.