Sour Grape Garnished Green Prosecco | Featuring A Richards Life

Finding friends is hard, but finding them after a decade of being out of touch is almost unheard of, but that's the story of Alison from A Richards Life and me. Besides both being bloggers, we have been friends for so long she knows me in the days of when I would "cut" my own hair. Trying to collaborate together in the hopes of giving our readers more content and support each other! Alison is so fun and has the most excellent taste not only in fashion but also drinks! So I will stop rambling and let you get to the delicious cocktail recipe.
Take it away A Richards Life!

"Hello Saint Patricks Day, I'm ready for ya!
If you're not, you will be in a minute with this simple Saint Patty's Day Drink Recipe!

I'm all for going out and getting dressed up and celebrating holidays both big and small. National days are considered holidays right? Because lets be honest, I like to celebrate "National Days."
National Nap Day, National Coffee Day, National Margarita Day; basically all the days.
Okay, let's just all celebrate life every day!

prosecco cocktail

I'm not so sure of our plans for this weekend. I'm going to be celebrating by drinking some green Prosecco with a sugar rim garnished with sour grapes! Now, thats my kind of green drink!

Sour Grape Garnished Green Prosecco

La Marca Prosecco (any kind will work)
Green Grapes
Jolly Rancher Green Apple Jello Mix
Green Food Coloring
Water, Freezer, Plate, Champagne Glasses
Green Tooth Picks


Start by rinsing off your grapes. Open the jello mix and pour some onto a plate, while your grapes are wet roll them in the jello mix and then place in the freezer.
Wait until grapes are frozen then begin preparing your champagne glasses.
Pour more of the jello mix onto a plate and wet the rim of your glasses. Then dip your glass rim into the jello to create the sugar rim.
Pour Prosecco into your glass and add two drops of green food coloring.
Add two frozen grapes onto a tooth pick and lay across the top of the glass.
Serve & Enjoy!


Thank you so much A Richards life, I can't wait to celebrate with these cocktails! Everyone, please go check out Alison's blog, I promise you will become as addicted to her content as I am.