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Sometimes I get so sick of eating salads. I know, I know, I am a “dainty lady” and I’m supposed to eat three lettuce leaves and be full to bursting. Truth be told, I would rather have the pizza than the salad. But how else am I going to fit in all those leafy greens?  

Growing up, my mother was way ahead of fad health trends and truly strove for a healthy, balanced diet. I remember her sitting on the porch with a ball jar filled with green sludge, finding it impossible to imagine she really loved this witches brew, which included everything from kale to dandelion greens.

Well, Mother, you should be proud. I am now addicted to these pond water concoctions… And sorry, Mom, but I think mine is even healthier! When I moved out, I realized that all the excellent local produce and dairy my mother had on hand wasn't easy or cheap to get. I noticed my overall levels of energy slowly fading at such a young age, my body getting a little softer around all the edges, and, most of all, I simply didn't feel my best. It's hard enough to get your daily veggies in—add a full-time job plus a limited budget and it's nearly impossible!

That's when I remembered my mom siping on her green smoothie and saying she never felt better, and all of a sudden, it clicked!

My answer was right in front of me all along—in the magic green smoothies she had turned the whole town on to, the pond water I ridiculed and scoffed at her for drinking. I went to the store and bought everything I needed and started my journey to feeling great.

Over the course of two years, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks when preparing my green smoothies—they taste better, they’re more filling, and the process is so much faster! These green smoothies are packed with vitamins and nutrients, making this the ultimate way to live life feeling as your most energized self.

Here are my top tips and tricks to help not only you, but your whole family get their daily greens.

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  • START SLOW - you don't have to put a whole pound of spinach in your smoothie to start with (unless you really want to go all in). I started slow and steady. You can't expect your taste buds to adjust right away to such a hefty dose of veggies blended up and delivered through your straw! It takes time, work up to it and just start with that little handful.

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    I put a Ninja blender on my wedding registry after hearing all the hype… And it was the worst blender I have ever used! Even a seasoned smoothie veteran like my mother can't drink whole pieces of spring greens without gagging a little. The most significant problem I hear with green smoothies is “I just keep getting chunks of greens.” Well, you won't have a smooth smoothie if you don't have the proper equipment! Last year, I finally ditched the Ninja for a Blendtec, and I cannot praise this blender enough. It's every green smoothie junkie’s dream! I absolutely ADORE it, and it is so worth the money!

    Now here is my biggest secret, it's what helped me become a full believer in the smoothie and switch even the little toddlers I nanny over to the green side.

green smoothie



    That’s right, green cubes. Oh, you haven't heard of them? I can fill you in. They are essentially ice cubes made of pure vegetables! I once bought a bag of green smoothie mix (a very pricey bag), and it was just some ground up greens in the bag; nothing special, right? Well, not quite. After I blended that up the frozen greens from that bags, I noticed that my smoothie didn't taste overwhelmingly green, and it was exceptionally smooth. The only difference between this smoothie and my regular ones was that the greens were frozen!

    This was EXACTLY what I was looking for to freshen up my smoothies! So the next day I went and grabbed ice cube trays and 3 pounds of organic greens. I blended them together, poured the liquid into the molds, and froze that glorious green mixture into cubes of frozen sunshine!

    That one stepped changed my smoothie game forever. I could start adding more greens and stop letting any fresh supplies from the fridge go bad. For some reason, freezing the greens tames the purely vegetable taste. It makes the greens softer, so they blend in a jiffy!  And the best part, of course, is that the mellow taste of the green cubes means you can sneak in way more veggies.

smoothie recipe

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I hope these tips brought you to the dark green side.

Lots of green hearts,

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