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Success is more than a measure of money and status. As modern women, we are told what our success is allowed to be depending on the role we fill. If you're a stay at home mother, your definition is having perfect Norman Rockwell children and the art of domesticity down to a science and never faltering from that. If your a businesswoman its to look attractive but not too beautiful, be sexy but not trying too hard. Running errands, you need a full face of makeup and your cutest “street clothes” to look like you have your life together. Our choice of clothing has become so much more than just covering our bodies, it is an extension of who we are and our brand. The way we look changes everything, for the better or worse of our success. Studies show that everything from your height to your hair color can affect the way you are hired and compensated! It's an ugly and harsh reality, but its the truth.

Now, why do these things matter so much? Wearing a notable brand is more memorable than your accomplishments. Your straight teeth being the reason that you get hired over the other guy. Appearance matters because it’s visual and easy to judge as well as remember. With appearance, you don't have to listen carefully or make notes, one look and you can get a general feel for a person. Now your one look might not be an accurate depiction of this person's morals or character, but it can get you pretty close. Your first impression might be the only chance you get to leave a mark on your future employer, client, date, in-laws, and even if you get a table at a restaurant. Looks matter and we are all slaves to this standard.

Please don't think I am trying to get you down in a funk or make you feel like you aren't enough, because I am writing this to hopefully help you feel better and more confident so people can see you shine!

This past weekend I went to a blogging conference to network with other Influencers and brands. I had the lovely Genny from Genevieve boutique style and sponsor my outfit for the event. Spending around an hour with Genny carefully styling an outfit to make my first impression was surprisingly painless, she brought forth so much insight and style into the process that my nerves started to fade. Being in Genevieve surrounded by beautiful, unique clothes and hearing Genny’s advice from nearly twenty years in corporate America, I knew that I would find the right outfit that not only brought out my style but made the impression I wanted!

Throughout the styling session, I started to realize how each outfit made me feel, I could see my own style evolving along with my confidence. How could just trying on clothes make me feel better about myself? Without even wearing them to an event. The research concludes that the way we present ourselves means more to ourselves than to others. When we feel good about ourselves, we have a whole new outlook on our success. You hold yourself higher, walk with confidence, meet new people without any anxiety, and it even gives you a new sense of purpose. It's no wonder we want to buy a whole new wardrobe when we go on vacation! We want to be seen as a different person, the vacation you!

I went to a networking event for bloggers and Influencers this past weekend, I had the pleasure of having my outfit styled and sponsored by Genevieve Boutique! This was a significant event, and the first impression is everything. Genny carefully curated a perfect outfit that was sassy and sexy, but most of all professional. Even though I am relatively new to the blogging world, I felt some kind of authority from my new outfit and it gave me whole new confidence in myself.

So what can we do as a woman not to conform to the standards of this world, but also be taken seriously in whatever position we hold? Albeit Stay at home mother, CEO or waitress. Here are some things to think about before you get dressed today.

  • Fit matters - If it doesn't fit you now, don't buy it. If your buttons gap, don't buy it (I am the biggest offender of this rule!). The way your clothes fit not only show the care you take in choosing your outfits, but it also makes you feel more comfortable. Stop pulling up your pants and your bra strap, no more adjusting your shirt so your chest doesn't pop out. Get clothes that fit well, trust me nothing feels better than knowing that something fits you exactly the way it's supposed too!

  • No More Wrinkles- Having wrinkled clothes makes you look disheveled and careless, things that are generally not the qualities people are looking for in almost any position.

  • You Don't have to wear Makeup- Yes makeup is an excellent tool for covering those pre-PMS breakouts or adding some drama to your overall outfit. But if you are like me and you don’t feel comfortable with loads of makeup on, then don't wear it. When you feel insecure it affects more than just your behavior, it changes the way you think of yourself. Instead of opting for a full face of makeup try just filling in your eyebrows and adding a nice neutral lip. I rarely wear makeup but wanted to feel a little more put together on a daily basis, so I got eyelash extensions to keep me confident and put together.

  • Finding your inspirations- Who are you? What inspires you, from colors to plants and especially people! But beyond inspiration, what do you want to portray? Believe it or not, celebrities aren't the only people who can spark trends and have artwork for clothing. You can make trends, not just Kim K! But whatever you choose to wear, try to think of what you want to portray!

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
— - Herman MelvilleSuccess

The style of a successful woman isn't in what you wear, how much makeup you have on or the distance between your thighs. The style of a successful woman believes in yourself enough to stand out and reach higher than anyone ever thought you could.

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